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Quadrocopters open up completely new possibilities for technology enthusiasts

Who is with open eyes on the way, meets ever more frequently so-called drones. The occupation with such unmanned aerial vehicles has established itself as one of the most popular leisure activities among people with an affinity for technology within a few years. The simplest models are already available for a few euros. Those who are more demanding should take a closer look at the Revell range. The specialists at Revell have developed a whole range of quadrocopters. From a technical point of view, these aircraft are helicopters. Quadrocopters are equipped with four rotors arranged in one plane. These rotors act vertically downwards and generate the required lift. By tilting the rotor plane, it is possible to generate propulsion. This design enables the aircraft - just like conventional helicopters - to take off and land vertically. The design with four rotors ensures reliable stability.

Precise control is the A and O

Remote-controlled flight models have inspired generations of technology enthusiasts. It goes without saying that a model building specialist like Revell will do everything in his power to contribute his experience to this exciting field of modern technology. The wide range in the Revell online shop impressively reflects the enthusiasm of the experienced model building professionals. Here, everyone will find their own personal quadrocopter to suit their individual taste. There is a suitable offer for every age group. For young beginners the model "Air Hunter" is a good choice. The precise 4CH-GHz remote control makes it possible to steer the robust quadrocopter in camouflage look exactly through the air and bring it to its destination. Adventurous teens will love the flip-flop function. It enables vertical and horizontal rollovers.

Who is the master of the air?

Whoever loves speed and thrills meets his friends who are enthusiastic about technology in the open countryside. There's plenty of room here to find out who the master is in a thrilling quadrocopter race. Owners of the Revell Race Drone with 2-CH-GHz remote control have an excellent chance of winning. In addition to the high-quality Quadrocopter model, everything that is needed for a proper Quadrocopter race track is included in the scope of delivery. The competing drones can be marked with coloured interchangeable hoods so that you don't lose track of them when flying precisely through the racing gates.

Photos or videos from a bird's eye view

In order to increase the remote-controlled flying fun even further, it is possible to complete the drone with a camera. Impressive pictures from a bird's eye view make the flight with the agile quadrocopters from Revell exciting. A bulging wallet is not a prerequisite for this pleasure. The Revell online shop also offers overhauled cameras. Who decides for a 'refurbished' product, does not take any risk. These products are immediately ready for use and have passed the strict Revell quality control. For added security, buyers receive a one-year manufacturer's warranty. For demanding technology fans, the Quadrocopter "NAVIGATOR" offers a wide range of possibilities. This drone is equipped with a GPS system and can therefore be controlled very precisely. This model is also the first choice for anyone who wants to shoot impressive videos in the air. When the operator releases the joystick, the Quadrocopter remains in the air. In this way it is possible to produce wobble-free videos in full HD quality.