Quad "Police"

Product number: 24644

Age: 8+

Length: 220 mm

Width: 170 mm

Height: 190 mm

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Indoor or outdoor - driving the Ready-to-Run Police Quad in rough terrain is a lot of fun. The 1:10 Quad is equipped with large tires, sprung front wheels, powerful electric motor and 2 channel 27 MHz remote control and offers best road holding and easy handling in every situation. The new police quad is ready for any off-road use. 

- Successful model in police design 
- No charging time, just get started 
- Easy to control driving characteristics 
- 2CH MHz remote control system 
- Powerful rear wheel drive 
- Stable chassis, crash resistant 
- Long driving fun without charging time Battery operated 
- Rugged construction 
- Large, profiled tyres for plenty of grip

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Product number: 24649
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