Revell 3D Puzzle
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3D puzzle: The fun of handicrafts in 3D

Puzzles are one of the most popular leisure activities for children and adults. When the first 3D puzzles came onto the market, this relaxing hobby became even more attractive and - in the truest sense of the word - took on another dimension. Whoever puzzles together the famous Eiffel Tower or a pirate ship as a three-dimensional body needs not only patience, but also a certain amount of dexterity and spatial imagination. But the effort is worth it: if the last part is in the right place, the inventor can proudly look at his work. That's why these beautiful buildings should be given a proper place after successful assembly - either as interesting room decorations or as part of a collection worth seeing, which is gradually being expanded to include self-made models.

New York skyline or RMS Titanic? A large selection of interesting puzzle motifs

Famous buildings and sights are perfect as three-dimensional puzzle motifs. Colosseum, Statue of Liberty or Burj Al Arab - Revell's detailed 3D replicas take puzzle lovers and curious explorers on a world tour. Particularly demanding inventors opt for skyline replicas. The Revell range includes city views of London, Paris and New York. No one will be surprised that Revell, a renowned manufacturer of model kits, also offers attractive puzzle motifs for technology fans. How about a replica of the legendary RMS Titanic, for example? The red double-decker buses that are on the road in London are also very popular.

Further criteria for puzzle selection

Whoever selects a 3D puzzle should not only pay attention to the motif, but also to the degree of difficulty. To make the selection easier, the number of pieces and the required construction time are indicated in the description of the individual puzzles. Whether beginner or advanced - Revell has the right puzzle object for every requirement. For the first attempt, a 20-piece puzzle such as 'Dutch Windmill' or 'Tour Eiffel' is recommended. To assemble the pretty Dutch windmill or the famous Parisian landmark as a spatial object takes about an hour. The pirate ship puzzle contains 24 pieces. It is a bit more tricky and time-consuming to create 'Big Ben' or 'Neuschwanstein Castle'. For particularly demanding puzzle lovers, we recommend building the Cologne Cathedral or the magnificent La Sagrada Familia Basilica. In order to assemble these famous sights from 179 or 184 puzzle pieces, a construction time of three to four hours should be planned.

Good training for fine motor skills and spatial imagination

Assembling a spatial structure from puzzle pieces is an exciting challenge. Experienced puzzle fans therefore proceed particularly systematically with spatial puzzles. First, they pre-sort the pieces. In this way, you can quickly see which pieces of the puzzle belong to the base of the object, with which the upper end is formed and so on. After presorting, it is much easier to build the desired object floor by floor. Inserting the matching parts requires some skill and, above all, a certain amount of spatial imagination. 3D puzzles are therefore recommended from the age of 10.