Revell Orbis: Colorful colors for the window

Once you have discovered the passion of airbrushing for yourself, you will naturally consider what else you could do with it. The Orbis series from Revell provides an easy introduction to the world of airbrushing. Operation is child's play and the robust technology requires little maintenance. This makes this series ideal for children, but also for model builders and hobbyists who are looking for a set that already contains all the important elements. With an Orbis set you can start right away and work on your techniques and skills. An important and indispensable part of Orbis are of course the colours. These are supplied in practical pens, which you simply put into the handy spray gun - and the creative fun can begin. Of course, Revell also offers different colors for different applications, the composition of which is perfect for use on the given surfaces. With the Orbis series, this even goes so far that there are special colours with which you can not only embellish glass, mirrors and decorative elements with the help of practical templates, but also spray great tattoos on the skin. Of course, these colours have a composition whose dermatological compatibility has been confirmed by several independent dermatologists. Window colours are a popular addition to the existing colours for Orbis airbrush sets. These are of course washable again.

Creative designs on windows of all kinds

In every apartment and in every house there are several windows that can be used as screens with the help of the airbrush sets from Orbis. Depending on your mood, you can let off steam on windows of all kinds. Even if the windows are in roof slopes or there is a skylight in the apartment, you do not have to be afraid that the colors run or even drip. Depending on mood, season or taste the windows can be designed. The colours can be easily removed without leaving any residue, so that glass, mirrors and other decorative elements can be creatively decorated with matching surfaces. One wipe with a cloth is all it takes to get the window ready for new pictures and designs. Newcomers will be happy to use Revell's various stencils. In addition to the variety of motifs, stencils allow impressive and perfect results. Additionally they train the skills in handling the Revell Orbis airbrush sets for more routine.

A set full of bright colors

To design a window with airbrush techniques, only one thing is needed: with a Revell Orbis set and a Windows Color cartridge set, windows and mirrors can be impressively decorated with motifs. If you want to be on the safe side, choose one of the many motif templates from the Window Template Spring II to the Window Template Star Wars II from Revell to embellish your windows. With the versatile accessories and the Orbis set, there are no limits to your imagination. The window colours are very rich, so that many individual windows can be sprayed with one set. Depending on the paint application, the transparency of the windows can be played with.

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