Selfmade tattoos in a few minutes

Children love to paint themselves. The works of art on their arms, legs and sometimes even their faces show them with pride. Sometimes names and hearts also belong to them. If these paintings were created with Edding, felt pens or fineliners, these body works of art remain on the skin for days on end. The colours are harmful and often rub off on clothing. Orbis tattoos by Revell are a harmless alternative. With an Orbis airbrush system for children and tattoo stencils, deceptively real tattoos with harmless colours are created on the skin in just a few minutes. The result is simply cool - just the right means of expression for children of almost any age and unlike tattoos always different again.

Airbrush ink cartridges for tattoos

The colours are in ink cartridges, which the children insert into the airbrush system. The tattoo colours are kind to the skin and can be easily removed from the skin if necessary. In addition, they do not stick to clothing if the motif is properly dry. One colour cartridge is enough for about ten tattoos from one tattoo stencil set. You can choose from seven colours from black to pink.

Star Wars Tattoos for Real Science Fiction Fans

Hardcore "Star Wars" fans like to show their enthusiasm with tattoos. If a tattoo is too expensive for you, you can spray on a washable tattoo of your "Star Wars" heroes in a few minutes. Jedi, Wookie, or motifs from the dark side of the Force: Star Wars tattoo templates allow enthusiasts to apply twelve different motifs from the movies.

Swinging ornaments with the tribal tattoo stencils

Artificial body jewellery is easy to apply with the tribal tattoo stencils and the Orbis children's airbrush system. The Tribal Tattoo Stencil Set contains twelve different templates for exotic folklore and gothic motifs. With the help of these stencils the children spray the motifs. The strong airbrush tattoo colours dry quickly. Thus the motives do not blur immediately and look like correct tattoos.

To the next soccer match with fancy airbrush soccer tattoos

At football matches, fans who cheer on their favourite players and eagerly celebrate and cheer after successful matches are simply a part of it. Fans often express their affection at football matches by wearing colourful scarves, jerseys and caps with the logo of their favourite team. Painting with club colours and football motifs on the arms and face is also common and a must for real football fans. The airbrush stencil set for football tattoos contains 14 templates. Thus a new motive is possible with each play.

Airbrush tattoo templates for the Orbis Airbrush Power Studio

The tattoo stencils are self-adhesive and reusable and are stuck on the body part which is to be painted. A stencil set for Orbis tattoos contains not only the motifs, but also the ink cartridges for the Orbis Airbrush Power Studio. The harmlessness of the colours is dermatologically proven. If there are no allergies to the dyes contained, children and adolescents can therefore use Orbis paints without hesitation and buy the ink cartridges when they are used up. The Orbis Airbrush System is easy to use so that even children of kindergarten age (36 months and older) have the opportunity to decorate their skin with artistic and colourful tattoo images.

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