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Power Studio Basic Set - Airbrush for children and creative adults

The world of airbrush is fascinating and opens up many new possibilities. With new technology, airbrushing is not only becoming more and more popular in model making. The airbrushes are getting easier and easier to use, and never before has it been so easy to put your own creative ideas into practice. The Power Studio Basis Set is ideal for model builders who want to get into the airbrush business or who want to slowly get closer to this topic. The Power Studio Base Set is perfect for perfecting your own airbrush technique thanks to its extensive scope of delivery and really easy operation. Especially conducive to creativity is the fact that with the Power Studio you can not only spray on a certain surface, but even conjure impressive temporary tattoos on the skin. Of course the colours should be dematologically tested and classified as completely harmless.

Creative on almost all surfaces

The great versatility is probably the greatest strength of the Power Studio Basis Set. Thanks to a variety of included templates and different colors, you can express your ideas on almost any surface. Whether you want to work on paper, fabric, textiles, glass or even your own skin, the Airbrush Set makes it possible. If you want to approach the subject slowly or get creative together with your children, you can use one of the included templates at the beginning. Among these is for example an ABC stencil, but also a colorful mixture of adhesive stencils with which you can cool temporary tattoos on the skin brushen. With this help you can improve your skills step by step and work on your airbrushing skills. Once you have learned the necessary dexterity in using the brush system, you can creatively decorate the many different model building products.

The Power Studio Base Set includes everything

If you want to put together a complete and professional airbrush set yourself, you have to take care of many small components. This can cost a lot of time and sometimes even money. With the Power Studio Basis Set in Revell's online shop you can start right after unpacking and let your creativity run wild. The Orbis Airbrush Power Studio comes with a powerful compressor that ensures constant air pressure. Depending on the model variant, the scope of delivery already includes different colour cartridges for different surfaces and dermatologically tested colour cartridges for the skin, with which you can spray off immediately. So that everything is in order, the set also includes a practical holder in which both the colours and the stencils can be arranged in a space-saving manner. This keeps everything neat and tidy at the workplace and makes it easy to find everything again. The Orbis Power Studio Basis Set is ideal for model builders and hobbyists who want to deal with airbrush for the first time and have all the necessary utensils at hand at the same time.

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