Orbis Textile to personalise your T-shirts & Co.

The Orbis Airbrush Power Studio from Revell brings a breath of fresh air to the craft workshop. The airbrush system developed for children is so much fun that many adults let their imagination run free when spraying. The Orbis Airbrush Power Studio is a must for budding fashion designers. Revell offers textile cartridges in many attractive colours for the child-friendly airbrush system. By spraying on the colour specially developed for textiles, every bright piece of clothing becomes a favourite in no time at all. The textile cartridges in the desired colour are simply inserted and off you go. The Revell online shop offers great colours to choose from. Since Revell offers the Orbis Power Studio in two versions, the selection of textile cartridges requires some attention. In the description of the individual textile cartridges and cartridge sets there is always an indication whether the product in question is suitable for the Orbis Airbrush Power Studio New with the article number 30020 or for the studio with the article number 30010. This prevents confusion.

Star Wars, Emojis or Fairy Romance - templates for every taste

The color is selected, now it's time to design. If you want to airbrush figures and patterns, you can work with stencils. It is worthwhile to browse the Revell online shop: Here you will find the right template for every taste. The range of motifs designed with great attention to detail extends from funny emojis to the faithfully executed Darth Vader. If you want to design your shirt to match the season, you can choose motifs that remind you of spring, for example. All children love animals. Of course, the Revell designers have also taken this into account and developed sets with beautiful motifs. So you can tell at a glance whether the wearer of the smart T-shirt loves dogs or has lost his heart to a cute kitten. Is there only one cool saying missing to match the motif? With ABC stencils the text succeeds perfectly. A little tip: A removable adhesive tape serves as a ruler so that the letters don't dance out of line.

Textile Design Set - a great gift

Whoever gives the Orbis Power Studios with textile design set to a creative child is guaranteed to be rewarded with bright eyes. The set contains everything you need to creatively embellish textile materials. A firm base on which the shirt or trousers can be spread out smoothly and many good ideas - that's all it takes for the colourful spraying pleasure to begin. The motif is perfect, but the icing on the cake is still missing? How about a few gemstones? In addition to textile cartridges and templates, young fashion designers will find more than 100 gemstones and the special glue in the Textile Design Set. Once everything is perfect, the masterpiece only has to be turned to the left and ironed. Ironing fixes the textile colours and the clothes can be washed at 30°C.

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