Accessories for the Orbis Airbrush Power Studio

Since Revell developed and launched the Orbis Airbrush System, crafting and creative design of paper, textiles and glass or even spraying washable tattoos has become even more fun. This system is so easy to use that even the youngest hobbyists can learn to airbrush in no time at all. Children usually know intuitively what to do and start improvising immediately.

The right accessories for every surface

The Orbis Airbrush System is so popular with creative children and adults because it can be used almost without interruption. One system can be used to spray paper, textile, window and tattoo paints. If the next motif is to decorate a different material, the ink cartridges can be exchanged in just a few simple steps. Cumbersome cleaning work? No problem with the Orbis Airbrush System! As long as enough ink cartridges are available, the airbrush fun can last.

When buying an Orbis Airbrush Power Studio, creative people get a basic set of ink cartridges included. The Orbis Airbrush Power Studio (article number: 30010) contains eight and the Orbis Airbrush Power Studio-NEW (article number: 30020) six colour cartridges for different surfaces. Because airbrushing is so much fun, the basic ink cartridges will of course be used up at some point. But that's not one reason to mope. If you want to avoid annoying interruptions during handicrafts and designing, you always have a few ink cartridges in stock. After all, there are still 1000 ideas waiting to be implemented as soon as possible.

read description carefully so everything fits perfectly

In the online shop Revell offers two different sets in the category 'Orbis'. The basic equipment, which is included in the scope of delivery, gives hobbyists the opportunity to try out different backgrounds. If the ink cartridges are almost used up, it is high time to browse for new ones. Handymen should pay close attention to the article number of the product. In the description of the colour cartridges or refill packs this is indicated, so that the suitable products are found fast. Revell delivers the new cartridges quickly, so that the numerous creative ideas of young and old craft fans can soon be put into practice again. In addition to individual cartridges, airbrush fans can also order practical refill packs. Airbrush artists thus have the choice of ordering individual paper, textile, window or tattoo cartridges in their favourite colour or refill packs with six attractive colours for the desired surface.

Create decorative effects with templates

Who has desire on alternation, can put beside colors also new stencils into the shopping cart. Buying printed greeting cards is a thing of the past: A self-designed card is guaranteed to go down much better with relatives or friends than a card from the shop. Or how about individually designed invitation cards for the next birthday party? Young Star Wars fans spray their favourite heroes skillfully on the cards and can be sure that this idea will be well received by their guests. Fashion-conscious young people should take a closer look at the "Fashion Style" stencil set. With this set every top or jeans becomes an attractive unique piece.

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