Orbis line from Revell for creative airbrushing

Airbrushing offers young and old the opportunity to develop their creativity in a variety of ways. Revell provides numerous products for this purpose. The spectrum ranges from paints and stencils to spray guns and other elements required for the "airbrush" technique. Comprehensive sets explicitly aimed at newcomers to the world of airbrushing are also available in the wide-ranging shop. Orbis is recommended for all those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the special painting variant.

Children's airbrush system and set for adults

With the Power Studio Basic Sets of the Orbis line, Revell offers high-quality and comprehensive starter systems for children and adults. The sets consist of all materials required for the first airbrushing tests: In addition to a spray gun, the systems contain several paint cartridges for airbrushing on paper, textiles and even skin. The sets also include laser-cut foil stencils with various motifs and comprehensive instructions. Not to forget the compressor, which provides constant compressed air, and the corresponding power supply.

Airbrushing with and without model making possible

The painting technique of airbrushing is suitable for model making vehicles and figures, but also for completely different surfaces. Orbis products from Revell can be used to artistically decorate paper, various textiles and even your own body. Colours are available in many shades, such as classic black, grey or brown, but also in striking nuances such as orange, grass green or dark blue. The colour cartridges are not only available for paper, but also for textiles and skin.

Note: Orbis colours can be washed off smooth surfaces. They can also be easily washed out of textiles.

Spectacular stencils are also available in Revell's online shop for all these materials. For example, you can temporarily decorate your body with a colourful butterfly or paint T-shirts, fabric bags and other textiles with a variety of motifs from Star Wars or the fascinating animal world. Revell offers the same templates for unusual paper creations as for textiles. There are also sets in the shop, each containing several design elements for a specific material on a specific theme, such as stencil sets for tattoos. Another popular application for airbrushing is the painting of windows. Revell also offers bright colours, high-quality window templates and design sets for this purpose. This gives you many opportunities to familiarize yourself in detail with the technique of airbrushing and to improve your skills in art. The nice thing is that you can also venture into the Airbrushing adventure without any previous knowledge if you work with the products of the Orbis line from Revell. On the one hand, the articles are very beginner-friendly, but on the other hand they also offer advanced users new possibilities for creative design.

Airbrushing in various size dimensions

Whether paper, tattoo, window or textile stencils: Revell's online shop offers designs in various sizes. It is also possible to create works of art in extra-large A3 format.

It is worth visiting the sale-area regularly. There, products are constantly being offered at reduced prices. Orbis articles can also be included. If you explicitly want to combine airbrushing with model building, Revell is of course the right address for you.

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