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Product number: 23814
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Scale: 1:18

Product number: 24464
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Product number: 24559
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Scale: 1:76

Product number: 03317
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Product number: 24455
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Scale: 1:24

Product number: 24658
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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 03711
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Scale: 1:144

Product number: 05169
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Scale: 1:24

Product number: 05681
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Scale: 1:48

Product number: 03865
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Product number: 24448
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Scale: 1:48

Product number: 03854
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Scale: 1:88

Product number: 05678
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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 05691
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Scale: 1:25

Product number: 67669

Revell product novelties for hobbyists and collectors

Revell's popular new products include model kits for a wide range of vehicles, from tanks and chic racing cars to casual bikes. Loving details and the perfect replica of well-known originals make the hearts of all craft enthusiasts beat faster. The convincing models are available in different common scales such as 1:25, 1:72 or 1:542.

Military vehicles as RC novelties

The innovative kits represent detailed and true-to-scale replicas of the vehicle equipment of numerous international armies. These are both historical and contemporary models. For example, interested visitors can discover aircraft carriers of the US Army, submarines used by the German Wehrmacht or tanks of the Bundeswehr. Bombers and fighter planes, which served in the English Royal Air Force in various eras, are also among the exclusive model building novelties from Revell. They can be assembled either with the landing gear retracted or folded out.

New civil RC vehicles

The selection of cars, trucks and racing cars that consumers find among Revell's new products is huge. Racing cars in the form of buggies or trucks with a powerful engine and a long range are perfect for exciting races. With their high-quality sound module, they create an impressive and authentic background noise. In addition, many of these model building novelties are equipped with several LEDs, which create fascinating light effects. Motorcycle kits are also very popular. Large US touring bikes with many radiantly shiny chrome parts, such as cylinder head covers and rims, make a good decorative eye-catcher in the youth or living room. Historic cars, such as the VW Beetle in various special editions, score with their numerous details. These include the specific rims, stickers, wheel arches and lamps.

The Revell cars, equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, promise lots of fun. They are available as replicas of real vehicles or in the form of imaginative fun cars. The charging time of the batteries proves to be extremely short for these cars. The scope of delivery of the RC novelties, which are also a great gift for young and old, includes an easy-to-use remote control. The same applies to various flying objects, which can also be ordered as Revell product innovations. These include helicopters, commercial aircraft and the popular Copter Balls, remote-controlled flying balls.

Revell product innovations for every age group

When selecting Revell's new model building products, customers pay attention to the age recommendation published in the product description. Model building kits are available for slightly older children, allowing them to assemble vehicles largely independently. Revell kits are rightly regarded as pedagogically valuable: they promote concentration and fine motor skills and offer a wide range of variety. The cars, trucks and military vehicles are characterised by a high play value. They have a wide range of functions, such as movable wheels and castors as well as rotating elements. Children and teenagers can integrate Revell vehicles into elaborately designed systems and recreate traffic scenes. For adult model building fans, the collection aspect is often the focal point. Fans like to place their collection under a defined subject area, for example a certain period of time or a genre such as US stunt cars.