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Locomotives from Revell

In the locomotive category, hobbyists will find a very special model at Revell: Big Boy, as the huge locomotive is called by connoisseurs, is considered one of the largest and most powerful locomotives in the world. This model clearly shows what the technicians of the American Locomotive Company (ALCo) achieved in the early 1940s  

Big Boy - a locomotive of superlatives

According to legend, it was an ALCo employee who named the giant locomotive Big Boy. He is said to have written the name on the smoke chamber with chalk letters. The name quickly became established because it is really apt. Even today, Big Boy is considered by many railway enthusiasts to be the largest locomotive in the world. On critical consideration this judgement is not one hundred per cent correct, because with several technical parameters (length, mass, tractive effort and performance) there are locomotives, which exceed Big Boy. Nevertheless, Big Boy deserves a place on the podium, because in the sum of all parameters it leaves the competition behind.

The story of Big Boy

The Big Boy locomotive, officially named UP Class 4000, was developed on behalf of Union Pacific Railroad (UP). UP is one of the largest railway companies in the western United States of America. At the end of the 1930s UP wanted to simplify the transport from Ogden (Utah) to Wasatch. The route led over a steep pass. To pull the heavy loads uphill, auxiliary locomotives were used. The task for the developers of the new locomotive was demanding: The locomotive should be able to pull trains with a maximum weight of 4,200 t up the steep pass. The technicians and engineers took up the challenge and developed an articulated locomotive with an innovative axle arrangement. Big Boy fulfilled the client's expectations. These locomotives were in regular service until 1957. In order to maintain the colossus weighing 548 t and 40.5 m in length, the stands in Cheyenne's roundhouse had to be extended with stems. 

A worthwhile object for every demanding model maker

For hobbyists who already have first experiences in model making, the reproduction in scale 1:87 is attractive. The manufacturer classifies the model set as Level 3 and recommends the kit for young model builders from the age of ten. The model kit contains 87 parts, which are put together with the help of the building instructions. The finished locomotive has a length of 464 mm and does not miss its effect on the attentive observer. The model stands on a detailed replica of the track. Many important components are reproduced with high precision from the original model. This applies, for example, to the driver's cab, the drive wheels and rods, the ladders on the coal tender and the frontal protection grille. The steering frames are movable. The kit includes decals that leave it open for the model builder to decide which version of the UP locomotive to choose.