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Scale: 1:24

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Spectacular buses and special vehicles for model building fans

Internationally known buses and special vehicles upgrade every model collection. Revell offers spectacular models with numerous individual parts, the assembly of which is a real challenge for hobbyists.

Buy models of fascinating buses and special vehicles from Revell

The Revell Modellbau range offers a number of highlights. One of them is the London Bus. Its design as a double-decker and the red colouring are well known and popular far beyond the borders of England. The bus is a real legend. Whether one was already once in London and had the luck to sit in a London bus, or is basically interested in the 1954 for the first time publicly presented vehicle: The London bus model inspires. It consists of 391 individual parts and is aimed at advanced model building fans who are looking for a challenging task.

In addition to the London Bus, Revell also offers models of a Mercedes-Benz winter service vehicle and a Schlingmann fire engine to friends of special model vehicles. The winter service vehicle is mainly used in mountainous regions - as a snow clearing and spreading vehicle. In order to build the model, 246 individual parts have to be connected. The fire engine is even more comprehensive. It consists of 295 individual parts.

Special model vehicles with countless details

Each model building special vehicle is characterized by a very detailed reproduction of the surface structures. The accuracy of the included elements is also convincing: the fire truck, for example, comes with equipment compartments such as a power generator, rescue shears and hoses. It also has a precisely designed driver and crew compartment, including breathing apparatus. Highlights of the winter service vehicle are the snow plough, grit silo and spreading discs as well as cable lines and chains. Thanks to the decals for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the vehicle can be individualised.

In addition, the London Bus, the fire-fighting vehicle and the winter road clearance service all include moving parts: In the case of the fire truck, for example, the equipment compartments can be opened; in the case of the winter service vehicle, the driver's doors can be opened and closed; and in the case of the London bus, the movable bonnet and rotating wheels are the main attractions.

Large model vehicles as challenges

An important factor when buying a model bus or special model vehicle is the size. The London Bus, the winter service vehicle as well as the fire engine have a scale of 1:24. So they each measure one twenty-fourth of their original size.
As large as the area of the high-quality model building products is also the challenge regarding the construction. Most vehicles belong to the difficulty levels 4 and 5. Therefore, the models are primarily recommended for experienced hobbyists in the field of model making. The model kits of the special vehicles are already suitable for children from the age of twelve, the kit of the London Bus for young people from the age of 15.

Model building attractions order cheap from Revell

The richly detailed buses and special vehicles are just some of the highlights of Revell's comprehensive product range. The shop also offers classics such as airplanes and helicopters as well as various ships and vehicles from the world of space travel.

Furthermore, Revell offers suitable spare parts for numerous models when replacement is necessary. By the way, it's worth visiting the Revell sales area again and again. There, other items are constantly being offered at a reduced price - model-building buses and special model-building vehicles can also be included.