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Scale: 1:96

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Scale: 1:48

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Scale: 1:96

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50 years of moon landing

Once to the moon and back. Reach for the stars. Who wouldn't want that? With the new Moon-Landing model kits from Revell this and much more is possible. Children and adults alike love the Apollo kits from Revell, because they can realize all kinds of "space dreams" and real adventures.

The eagle has landed - the Apollo 11 astronaut from Revell conquers the hearts of young and old alike.

One of the probably most impressive events of the 20th century, the manned moon landing with the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, is duly celebrated at Revell with the exquisite Apollo model series. One of the highlights is certainly the Apollo 11 astronaut on the moon. This 258 mm large model kit is manufactured in a scale of 1:8 and reflects in a very touching way the fulfillment of a dream of mankind. The space suit with tinted helmet visor is faithfully reproduced in detail. Even the life-support stornister and the breast pocket are not missing. The moon surface platform is also characterised by its strong design structure. The set also includes the colours for the basic painting, a double-head brush and the Revell Contacta Professional Mini.

Revell is a great step forward for humanity

The 324 mm high Apollo 11 spacecraft from Revell in scale 1:32 impresses with its remarkable attention to detail. The loving design allows a direct view into the cockpit. Every enthusiastic model builder immediately recognises that even the seats have been worked with great care and precision. Anyone starting a replica of the Apollo 11 spacecraft from Revell is guaranteed to be delighted with the coupling mechanism and the functional service module with the transparent exterior part. Four nozzle control consoles, a chamber segment with oxygen cylinders and robust hydrogen tanks complete the high-quality construction. The antenna support with the matching reflectors rounds off the whole thing in a sleek way.

Conquer a whole new world - with Revell

The Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket in scale 1:96 is 1,140 mm high. The performance portfolio with the five detailed engines is almost perfectly modelled. The second rocket stage in turn has five engines, and the tube parts with their thin polystyrene strips are also distinguished by their precise optical design. The upper floor is separated from the lunar module. The thrust nozzles and the helium ball containers as well as the true-to-scale control nozzles lend the model a breathtaking authenticity. The protective cover for the lunar module has a transparent element so that the observer can easily look inside the capsule. Small and large model makers immediately discover that the Revell team has of course thought of an astronaut on board. However, the highlight of the Revell Moon Landing model series is the 152 mm Apollo 11 Lunar Module lunar module Eagle, which is configured in 1:48 scale. The Eagle from Revell has the dimensions: 4.1 x 4.1 x 5.5 cm. The model includes the landing step and the ascent module as well as stable control nozzles and filigree antennas.

Whether astronaut, Apollo Saturn V Rocket, Eagle Lunar Module or the Apollo spacecraft from Revell: young and old will enjoy assembling the lovingly crafted kits piece by piece and always penetrating one step further into the fascinating spheres of space. Experience pure adventure - with Revell.