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Scale: 1:720

Product number: 05170
79,99 € *

Scale: 1:350

Product number: 05040
19,99 € *

Scale: 1:700

Product number: 05098
7,99 € *

Scale: 1:1120

Product number: 05128
14,99 € *

Scale: 1:535

Product number: 05092
7,99 € *

Scale: 1:1200

Product number: 05802
19,99 € *

Scale: 1:720

Product number: 05164
29,99 € *

Scale: 1:72

Product number: 05162
99,99 € *

Scale: 1:72

Product number: 05166
39,99 € *

Scale: 1:144

Product number: 05132
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Scale: 1:720

Product number: 05149
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Scale: 1:1200

Product number: 05161
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Category text: Revell Modellbau Military Ships

Revell Modellbau Military Ships - a must for fans of historical model building

Model making has fans of all ages. Especially the reproduction of historical events and historical vehicles inspires many people. The construction of such models requires not only craftsmanship, but also patience, passion and tenacity. After the work is done, model builders are rewarded with a detailed and realistic replica for the invested time. In the Military Ships category, historically interested parties can purchase various kits of ships from the past and then rebuild them.

Detail fidelity and individual design possibilities

The various Revell model building sets in the Military Ships category all captivate with a large number of supplied individual parts. This wide range offers numerous individual design possibilities. Also the colour selection is often possible according to the personal taste. In addition, the Revell model replicas are true to detail. Fans of model building are guaranteed to get their money's worth and can design the models 1:1 according to the template or live out their creative creativity... 

The German Navy - various Revell model military ships

Within the category of military ships, historically interested model builders are spoilt for choice between various German military ships. The Bismarck with a length of more than 250 meters was one of the largest battleships in the Second World War. In a sea battle the Bismarck sank a British battle cruiser. Since the Bismarck itself suffered some damage, it headed for a French port. However, the British pursuers managed to sink the Bismarck before entering the port.

This kit consists of almost 300 individual parts. The ship is designed with great attention to detail. In addition there are 18 dinghies and 2 seaplanes, which are contained in the set. Since the design of the ship at that time differed from time to time, two painting variants are also possible here. Both the design from the winter of 1940/41 and the March of 1941 allow an exact replica of the German flagship battleship.

Other models of the German Navy are available in this category. Above all the battleship Bismarck is available in different sizes. Depending on individual taste and space the Bismarck can be purchased in scale 1:350, 1:700 or 1:1200. A model kit of the Tirpitz, the largest German battleship in World War II, is also available.

Various foreign military ships - for more variety and variety

But not only lovers of the German military and especially of the German navy get their money's worth with the Revell Modellbau military ships. Because in this category there are also US-American, British, Italian and Russian military ships. The Russian battleship Petr Velikiy belonged to the largest warships of the world and is available at Revell Modellbau in a scale of 1:700. 484 individual parts ensure an exciting assembly process.

The RN Roma was an Italian battleship. Since most model builders concentrate on German, British, Russian or US-American ships, a replica from circles of the Italian Navy provides variety and variety. With only 30 individual parts, the RN Roma is also ideally suited as an entry-level model for testing talent and motivation. However, an authentic painting plan also ensures a unique experience here.

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