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RMS Titanic - Technik

Product number: 00458

Scale: 1:400

Age: 14+

Number of parts: 262

Length: 670 mm

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RMS Titanic - 1:400 scale engineering - A challenging kit with impressive electronics for an authentic Titanic experience

Experience the legendary RMS Titanic on an unprecedented scale with this challenging and detailed 1:400 scale model kit. Not only does this impressive model feature 262 parts and a length of 670 mm, but it also features custom electronics components that can be integrated directly into the kit for a realistic ship feeling.

The LED lighting for hull, navigation and position lights gives the model a special atmosphere, while the pre-programmed sound module with authentic ship sounds provides an impressive listening experience. The control unit allows realistic scenarios to be displayed and the battery box (4x 1.5 V AA batteries, not included) powers all electronic components.

The detailed hull with textured planking, lifeboats and davits, and stairways give the model a high level of detail and authenticity. The detailed decals with decorative stripes complete the appearance of the model and allow the RMS Titanic to shine in all her glory.

The RMS Titanic - Engineering Model in 1:400 scale is perfect for modelling enthusiasts aged 14 and over who are fascinated not only by the historical significance of the ship, but also by the engineering that brings this model to life. The kit offers hours of building and crafting fun and is an excellent addition to any model ship collection.

Dive into the world of model ship building and be enchanted by the impressive RMS Titanic - technology in 1:400 scale. Build your own piece of history step by step and experience the fascination of the Titanic in a unique, detailed model with authentic electronics. With this kit you can demonstrate your craftsmanship and at the same time expand your knowledge about the RMS Titanic. Whether as a gift for a modelling enthusiast or as a personal project, the RMS Titanic - Technik model in 1:400 scale offers a unique opportunity to experience the history and technology of the legendary ocean liner up close.

Once your model is complete, you can proudly display it and keep the memory of one of the most famous ships in history alive. The combination of high-quality materials, precise details and innovative electronics makes this model a must-have for anyone interested in modelling and ships.

Bring the RMS Titanic to life and enjoy building and displaying this impressive model that focuses on both the beauty and engineering of the historic ship. Create your own little piece of history and be wowed by the RMS Titanic - 1:400 scale engineering.

Scope of delivery:

The scope of delivery includes a plastic model kit (not assembled), illustrated multilingual building instructions, decals and electronic components for lighting and sound. Please note that the required 4x 1.5 V AA batteries for the battery box are not included.

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