Revell - fascinating airplanes in miniature size

Airplanes are among the most classic and popular elements in model building. If you want to dedicate yourself to collecting the products, you will find numerous successful models in the wide range of Revell Modellbau. The detailed designed airplanes inspire children as well as adults. In addition, some models are ideal for bringing historical events closer to the younger generation in a playful and vivid way.

Detailed aircraft model kits from the First and Second World Wars

During the First and Second World Wars, planes regularly circled the skies. Many were used for so-called reconnaissance missions, others were used as bombers. At that time, the means of transport taken for granted today were still relatively new. Nevertheless, they already had excellent flight capabilities and first-class stability. No wonder, then, that they still fascinate many people. Revell Modellbau offers a large number of the most important aircraft of the two world wars in miniature format. From the fiery red designed Fokker triplane, which Baron Manfred von Richthofen flew during the First World War, up to the B-17 Flying Fortress, which functions as the best known American bomber of the Second World War, different model airplanes are available in the shop.

Modern military and civil aircraft at Revell Modellbau

For all those who are less interested in historically significant aircraft but more in the more modern military and civilian variants, Revell Modellbau also has suitable products available. In the area of innovative military aircraft, there are various Tomcat and Tornado versions as well as several Eurofighters. As far as civil aircraft are concerned, there are, for example, various Boeing and Airbus aircraft to choose from. They are the right choice for model building fans who want aircraft models without a military background. Whatever model kit you prefer, all Revell products are of high quality.

Revell model airplanes in different scales

The varied airplanes from Revell Modellbau are available in different sizes. Smaller models on a scale of 1:450 or 1:390 can be found in the range as well as larger models on a scale of 1:28 or 1:32. Whether it's a small model for the display case or a larger model for the ceiling, Revell Modellbau's products are always richly detailed - with details such as a joystick and a seat in the cockpit or particularly finely finished surfaces. In addition, most of the high-quality airplanes in the range have movable propellers that not only make children want to play. Whether the model airplanes should be placed in a glass showcase to admire or played with, is of course entirely up to the buyer.

Airplanes from Revell for beginners and model building professionals

Before buying a certain model, model building fans should check whether the degree of difficulty specified fits: The range includes simple to very complex model kits. The grades range from 2 to 5. The higher the grade, the more demanding is the assembly of the respective aircraft. By the way, clicking on a product provides more detailed information - both on the model aircraft and on the historical background of the original. This enables interested parties to obtain comprehensive information about their product before buying a specific model aircraft.

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