Buy modern military figure models from Revell

Revell offers high-quality model kits for many popular figures from various countries - from England and France to Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The construction and painting of the models is an exciting challenge for ambitious beginners and advanced model builders.

Order kits for modern military figures online

Revell's extensive online store features several modern military figures that have historical significance and are still of great relevance today. For example, the legendary Queen's Guard is waiting to guard the world-famous Buckingham Palace - the residence of the British Queen. The Republican Guard is also available. He is a member of the honorary company guarding the President of France. Other highlights in Revell's range of modern military figures are the Swiss Guard and the Carabinier. The former is none other than the Pope's bodyguard. The Carabinier is an element of the guard of honour and escort of the Italian head of state.

A feature common to all classic military figures: the high-quality and sturdy display stand with various backgrounds. It rounds off the respective model both visually and functionally. In addition, most of the figures come with authentic decals.

Revell also offers model kits for the British Infantry and the German Crisis Response Forces. When buying the two products, you secure whole sets of figures. The infantry bears the main burden of the security tasks necessary all over the world. Therefore in Great Britain highest value is attached to a thorough infantry training. The model kit consists of 56 individual parts for 48 figures. The German Crisis Reaction Forces (KRK) function as a special unit of the Bundeswehr for foreign missions. Who builds the model of Revell, creates a representation of the soldiers on patrol - with the assault rifle G36. The kit contains 50 individual parts and includes, among other things, snipers and guard dogs.  

General and specific features of the military figures

The modern military figures from Revell are very detailed. The figures convince with fine facial features. The noble uniforms of the different guards and soldiers are worked out just as precisely. In addition, each individual figure holds an authentic weapon in its hand - the Queen's Guard a rifle, the Republican Guard a sword, the Swiss Guard a halberd and the Carabinier a sabre.

Sizes and difficulty levels

The modern military figures are available in scales 1:16 (very large) and 1:72 (rather small) and assigned to difficulty levels 3 or 4. While the Level 4 models are primarily aimed at experienced model building fans, Level 3 models can also be built by ambitious beginners.

Practical accessories for completing military figures

In order to complete the modern military figures, glue and colours are needed. For each figure there are suitable accessories in the online shop of Revell. Which main colours are required for which model can be found in the respective description. In addition to modern military figures, Revell also offers numerous figures that played a major role in the First and Second World Wars. By the way, it's worth visiting Revell's sale-area regularly. There, discounted items are always available - even military figures can be included.