Revell-Figures First & Second World War - for an authentic historical representation

When designing Revell model figures, not only craftsmanship, but also creativity and patience are required. Especially historically interested people will get their money's worth with the detailed Revell figures. Within this category there are different model figure sets, which represent soldiers from times of the First and Second World War. Thanks to various individual parts, there are many individual design possibilities.
Historical model figures: German soldiers from the Second World War

Lovers of historical model figures can, for example, purchase a replica of the German anti-tank gun 40 (PaK 40) from the times of the Second World War. From 1941 this was produced over 20,000 times and used against the Allies. This 1:72 scale set consists of 32 individual parts and twelve figures. Different colors make a detail-faithful organization possible.

Paratroopers and Naval Crew from the Second World War

In addition, interested parties can buy a set of figures of the German paratroopers. Also these soldiers originate from the time of the Second World War, thus the time from 1939 to 1945. The set, which consists of 50 individual parts and 44 figures, represents the German soldiers in ground combat, after these landed on Crete. The model figures are shown in 1:72 scale.

For fans of the Navy there is also a set of figures of German seamen from the Second World War. This set consists of 51 figures, which realistically replicate the submarine and ship personnel on a scale of 1:72. Among them there are seamen seated on board, operating the guns, and a captain. A Revell ship model from this period can be purchased to match this set of figures. This is a perfect replica of what happened on the high seas at that time.

Figure set from the First World War

Those interested in history will also find Allied troops at Revell in order to reproduce the complete events. Using the WWI German/British/French Infant figure set, scenes from World War I in 1914 can be modelled on French soil. The set comprises a total of twelve figures: four German infantrymen and four French and four British infantrymen. German soldiers marched into France at the beginning of the First World War. There they fought ground battles with French and British troops, mainly in and around the trenches. A total of 451 individual parts are included in the delivery, enabling a detailed depiction to be made. The various pieces of equipment and clothing correspond to the state of the art at the time. The set contains country-specific equipment parts. In addition, it includes various weapons such as cannons and tools. The figures convince with fine facial features and authentic poses.

Allied troops: Soviet Spetsnaz

The Revell figure set Soviet Spetsnaz replicates a special unit of the former Soviet army in the 1980s. The set includes soldiers with AK-74 and AKS-74 rifles, snipers and kneeling soldiers with bazookas as well as the 9P54M anti-aircraft missile. The 50 individual parts on a scale of 1:72 convince with a detailed and authentic design.