Figures - Historical by Revell Modellbau: Making Military History Experienceable

With his series "Figures - Historical", Revell's model building goes far back into the past: Two of the three sets currently available in this series deal with the Seven Years' War from 1756 to 1763, in which the major European powers fought for their influence and territories. The third set, "Figures - Historical", takes model builders to the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915. Meticulous attention to detail guarantees fun when assembling Revell model kits. Afterwards the historical figures allow to recreate dramatic moments on the battlefields.

The Seven Years War: Historical figures from Revell bring history to life!

From a German and Austrian perspective, the Seven Years' War was a conflict between Prussia and the Habsburg Monarchy. The matching Revell model kits contain armed soldiers and officers seated on horses as well as flag bearers, drummers and trumpeters. All poses are lifelike in scale 1:72. This small collection of historical military men is reminiscent of a time when rifles were still equipped with a bayonet for close combat. The uniforms of the soldiers shine proudly in national colours, the horse skins shine well-groomed. The historical figures by Revell were designed for model builders aged twelve and over, who preferably have some experience in the hobby of model making. Because gluing and painting the components together requires concentration. On the other hand, this is also the reason why the hobby of model building does not go out of fashion. The focused occupation with individual parts and building instructions promotes the concentration and the skill. For the sets for the Seven Years War additional colours and adhesives are needed, which can be ordered here in the online shop of Revell.

The Battle of Gallipoli as model kit from Revell

With the historical figures of Revell for the battle of Gallipoli the model builder concentrates on the army corps of Australia and New Zealand. The so-called ANZAC troops were involved in the invasion of the Turkish peninsula Gallipoli in 1915, but ultimately failed. The ANZAC Day as a national commemoration day reminds of the historical events to this day. At Revell Modellbau there are four figures, assembled from 122 individual parts, which make the Battle of Gallipoli relivable. At a scale of 1:35, figures are created during the model building process that take on different poses and can be equipped with rifles, mortars and other weapons. This model construction set is recommended from the age of twelve. In order to bring these soldiers to life in their typical tropical uniforms, colours and adhesives can be purchased separately here in the online shop. As usual at Revell Modellbau, a detailed and understandable construction manual ensures that the project is a success.

Modeling by Revell: Historical figures are a reference to past times

Traditionally, Revell is a pioneer in the field of model building kits that replicate famous military vehicles and troops. Especially when younger and older generations are doing handicrafts together, these topics offer an opportunity to learn more about history. The detailed sets are created in cooperation with historians to rule out mistakes. The category "Figures - Historical" allows model builders a fascinating journey into the past and can of course be combined later with sets from other categories.