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149,99 € 74,99 € *

Scale: 1:100

Product number: G5930251
19,99 € *

Product number: G5930250
79,99 € *

Scale: 1:35

Product number: G5930241
129,99 € *

Scale: 1:9

Product number: G5930262
69,99 € *

Scale: 1:35

Product number: G5930246
649,99 € *

Scale: 1:12

Product number: G5930302
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Kits from MENG - not only for collectors a real highlight

MENG Models are with their many original details a real non plus ultra for many model makers. From the exact replica of the Israeli Merkava 3D main battle tank with its typical striking turret and many other great features to sleek motorcycles such as the Kawasaki Ninja H2R - the extensive collection of different kits will make anyone who likes to tinker away. The wide range includes models in 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72 scale, so there is sure to be something for every plastic model enthusiast. The parts of the kits are made of high-quality plastic. Partly photoetched parts and further accessories as well as possibly needed decals in different versions are included. Perfection down to the smallest detail is self-evident for MENG Models.

Every year new surprises from MENG Models

Many modellers are already looking forward to the MENG MODELS novelties 2020. Tanks with different types of wheels, different driver hatches as well as front headlights and angle mirrors, which can be shown open or hidden, are always an eye-catcher. The MENG models Kawasaki Ninja H2R in 1/9th scale, licensed by Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA, are also very popular. The kit in two different versions is one of the absolute top sellers. The big family of MENG models will get an interesting addition in 2020.

The world of MENG Models

Of course MENG also offers something for the potential shipbuilders among us. With the MENG model THE CROSSING in scale 1:150, friends of seafaring will get their money's worth. Or how about the Tu-2-Bomber? The Snap-Kit is an easy to build plastic model kit that does not require any glue. If you like it a bit more complicated, you will find numerous models in the extensive range of offers, which can be a real challenge.

Perfectionists will find helpful tools in the range of MENG Models, such as the Hobby Side Cutter MENG Models MTS-026, with which the individual parts can be separated exactly from the casting branch. Good tools are the prerequisite for model making that is consistent down to the smallest detail. For all those who would like to create an authentic scenario, there are numerous accessories, for example a troop of MENG-Model - Imperial German Army Stormtroopers or the MENG-Model - Modern German Tank Crew, both in 1:35 scale. Very appealing is also the MENG-Model - Barricades & Highway Guardrail, as well as many other MENG Models spare parts, which make the hearts of passionate model builders beat faster.

Model construction from MENG Models

In our current catalogue we present all available models of the extensive collection of MENG Models. If you would like to find out more about MENG Models, you will find the right answers in the Revell Forum.