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Heller - STARTER KIT Citroen DS 19

Scale: 1:16

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CITROËN believes that the standard of living will rise in France and Europe and has therefore successfully introduced the 2 CV. Now the 15 and 11 CV need a successor. This gave rise to the VGD draft (a vehicle planned for larger numbers), the first sketches of which date back to 1945. This vehicle is gradually taking shape. Andre LEFEBVRE is entrusted with the management, who decides decisively for innovations in all areas. The body is designed by Flaminio Bertoni, the suspension by Paul Magès. For the engine, Pierre Bercot took over the planning of the old D engine with 1911 cc. At the end of 1954, the overall design was ready. In October 1955, the car debuted at the 42nd Paris Motor Show. What is surprising at first is the outrageous design. France is split into two camps: “for” and “against”. But the novelty is not limited to the body, the hydropneumatic suspension offers surprising comfort with four independent wheels. The plastic becomes an important element of the body with the roof and the rear window as well as the light metal alloy for the bonnet. All the new details follow: from the steering wheel with a single spoke to the streamlined flashing lights, to doors without window frames.

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