Heller - STARTER KIT C-121A constellation "MATS"

Scale: 1:72

Product number: G1000563820
Manufacturer Part Number: 56382

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The Constellation Project was launched in 1939 on behalf of the TWA company. The prototype "Constel" flew under the military designation C-69 for the first time on January 9, 1943. After the Second World War, 10 models of the Constellation C-121 of the US Air Force were available for the operations of the "Military Air Transport Service" (MATS) posed. The C-121 was a modification of the 749, but the seats could be removed for an emergency evacuation and replaced with stretchers. The C-121 was actively involved in the Berlin Airlift, which began in May 1948. Freight from the USA was still transported to Europe, which was then flown to West Berlin in smaller planes.

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