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High-quality models of well-known military helicopters

Military helicopters have always been one of the most popular products in model making. Revell offers kits for many well-known originals. Hobbyists also have the possibility to search for military helicopters with the desired scale or required degree of difficulty.

Detailedly designed models inspire every viewer

Military helicopters are helicopters used in military aviation. They often have on-board weapons, armor and special avionics. Military helicopters therefore differ significantly from civilian helicopters. The model kits from Revell have many characteristic details. For example, the Bell AH-1G Cobra impresses with its detailed cockpit. The heart of the Bell AH-1W SuperCobra is the landing gear with many details.

All Revell models feature precision-engineered and true-to-life surfaces. This feature is reflected in the H145M LUH KSK multi-purpose helicopter. The high-quality model is equipped with a newly developed Fenestron tail rotor, separate side doors and special parts for troop transport.

Model kits for internationally known military helicopters

The Bell models mentioned above are among the most famous combat helicopters in the world. It should be added that the Bell AH-1W SuperCobra was the first pure combat helicopter ever. The AH-1G Cobra had its baptism of fire during the Vietnam War.
Other well-known military helicopters, which are available as model kits in Revell's online shop, are Mil Mi-28 Havoc and AH-64D Longbow Apache. The latter is one of the most advanced, versatile and also most powerful combat helicopters in the world. It is recommended above all for model building friends, who are interested in newer military helicopters.

The Mil Mi-28 Havoc, a heavy armoured combat helicopter suitable for night use, inspires with its classic military design, decals for a Russian aircraft and also with individual parts such as the engine nacelles with filter attachment. Also worthy of mention are the nose cannon, the aiming device and the night vision device. All three elements can be built movable.

Scale and level of difficulty

Revell offers military helicopters in formats ranging from 1:144 to 1:32. The lower the second number, the larger the finished model appears. As far as the degree of difficulty is concerned, there are versions with levels 3 to 5. This means that the military helicopter model kits are primarily suitable for experienced model building fans. The models of the two highest levels (4 and 5) are suitable for advanced hobbyists looking for an exciting challenge.

One of the most complex models is the already mentioned H145M LUH KSK. It consists of 267 individual parts which have to be connected very precisely in order to achieve the desired result. The SH-60 Navy Helicopter is one of the simpler models. The well-known US Navy transport helicopter consists of 53 individual parts and can be assembled by children from about ten years of age. Level 3 is also assigned to the UH-60A transport helicopter, internationally known as the Blackhawk. It comprises 74 parts and has a scale of 1:100.  

Military helicopter models with moving parts

Revell provides the members with numerous moving details. These include, for example, a movable main rotor. Such a rotor is available in all versions. Sometimes the tail rotor can also be moved, for example on the Mil Mi-28 Havoc model. Some models are also equipped with a rotating propeller, such as the Bell V-22 Osprey.