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49,99 € *

Scale: 1:400

Product number: 05715
29,99 € *

Scale: 1:700 + 1:1200

Product number: 05727
69,99 € 40,00 € *

Product number: 05721
29,99 € *

Scale: 1:225

Product number: 05767
39,99 € *

Scale: 1:35

Product number: 05790
39,99 € *

Scale: 1:24

Product number: 07777
39,99 € *

Scale: 1:72

Product number: 05696
29,99 € *

Scale: 1:24

Product number: 05694
39,99 € *

Scale: 1:253

Product number: 05695
59,99 € *

Scale: 1:32

Product number: 07453
19,99 € *

Scale: 1:720

Product number: 05693
19,99 € *

Scale: 1:1200

Product number: 05692
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Revell: Experience the fascination of model making with gift sets

Plastic model making is a hobby with tradition: For more than 60 years, young and old have spent their leisure time assembling cars, ships and more from one of Revell's model kits. The special attraction lies in learning a lot about the design and engineering art behind a ship like the Titanic or a car like the VW Golf. With model building gift sets there is the possibility to inspire the next generation for this hobby or to make experienced model makers happy. Here in the model building shop the current highlights are to be found under the model building sets to give away.

Model building - Revell is a guarantor for quality

Revell and Modellbau are closely linked. Around 1950, the founder of the US company came up with the idea of producing model kits. This concept soon turned out to be successful, until today model building and Revell are often used as synonyms. The model building sets to give away are among other things vehicles, which have to celebrate an anniversary. The model building gift sets are characterized by a decorative packaging and exclusive accessories. For example, the set "100 years Titanic" does not only contain a complete kit including colors and brushes, but also the reprint of a historical menu and the advertising brochure for the passenger ship of superlatives. The careful production of the model kits from Revell guarantees the accuracy of fit of the individual parts and thus continuous craft fun.

Model building sets to give away: from Titanic, to BMW, to Star Trek

In Revell's model shop you'll find model kits for every taste: Young people may prefer to deal with the flagship of the Starfleet, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, known from the TV series "Star Trek", or the anniversary set "100 Years of BMW". Other hobbyists find fun with model building gift sets, which contain model building kits to legendary British fighter airplanes or the tank Tiger I. For car lovers, offers such as the model building gift sets "60 years Trabant" or "35 years Golf 1" are recommended. Revell Modellbau becomes maritime with topics like "Battle of Trafalgar" or "Royal Swedish Warship VASA". Generally the model building gift sets address themselves to an age group over ten years, exact information to the respective model holds the model building Shop on-line ready. So that the plastic model building can begin immediately, the model building sets for giving away apart from the detailed building instructions also necessary accessories are present such as adhesive, colors and brushes.

Accuracy of detail is Revell's priority when building models

Revell's Model Building Gift Kits combine leisure and knowledge. The kits are designed in close collaboration with museums and experts to ensure that the models are historically accurate. Revell is committed to detail, including the interior design of cars, ships, airplanes and other vehicles. Additional information material on the historical context of the models provides information on the history of the vehicles. In plastic model making, several generations often come together to do handicrafts and discover things together - and with model building kits to give away, the fun of handicrafts can begin right away.

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