Revell Color Mix 30 ml

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Revell Color Mix - your indispensable companion for perfect airbrush results

Discover Revell Color Mix, a specially formulated thinner for enamel paints in a convenient 30ml bottle. Experience how this high-quality product revolutionizes your airbrushing technique and gives free rein to your creativity

Revell Color Mix is exactly what you need for your challenging airbrush projects. It gives your enamel paints the optimal consistency to achieve a flawless and professional finish.

The benefits of Revell Color Mix at a glance:

  1. Optimum dilution: the specially developed Color Mix ensures that your enamel paints are perfectly diluted, providing the ideal mixing ratio for your airbrush work.

  2. Improved paint flow characteristics: experience your paints move effortlessly through the airbrush nozzle for an even and precise spray pattern.

  3. Perfect Opacity: Achieve optimal opacity on any airbrush project with Revell Color Mix, without your colors running or unwanted dripping.

  4. Longer lasting your colors: The special formula of Revell Color Mix helps your enamel paints last longer, ensuring high quality throughout the duration of your project.

  5. Easy to use: The convenient 30ml bottle with integrated drop applicator allows for precise dosing, making the thinner easy and clean to use.

Revell Color Mix is the must-have product for all passionate airbrush artists and those who still want to become one. With this thinner, you can fully unleash your creativity and achieve impressive results that will delight your target audience. Wait no longer and discover how Revell Color Mix will take your airbrush projects to a new level.

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