VW Beetle Limousine 1968

Product number: 07083

Scale: 1:24

Age: 10+

Number of parts: 125

Length: 171 mm


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For many years, the Volkswagen Beetle was the car that started it all. Countless young people learned to drive with it, countless people drove it as the first car in their lives. Over the years, improvements were made to the vehicle again and again to keep the Beetle competitive. Even in 1968, the Beetle possessed a standard that still kept it competitive against the competition of the time. The former 1131 cc engine had now become a 1500 cc powerplant with 44 horsepower. Front disc brakes and a new semi-trailing arm rear axle kept this temperament in check. The headlights were now vertical and you could refuel the tank through a side hatch.

The model:

  • Faithfully reproduced body with fine surface textures
  • Separate, movable engine hood
  • Multi-part, detailed four-cylinder boxer engine
  • Optional trailer hitch can be attached
  • Detailed interior with instrument panel, individual seats and rear bench seat
  • Movable wheels
  • Vase for dashboard included
  • Various chrome parts, including bumpers, rims, door handles and exterior mirrors
  • Rubber-like tires
  • Instructions and authentic decals with various license plates (D, F, GB, NL, A, I, CH, S, B, E, IRL, DK)

Scope of delivery:

Model kit incl. building instructions and decal

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