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Pioneers of aviation: Aircraft models from the First World War

The First World War was the first military conflict to be fought in the air. Initially only used for reconnaissance purposes, the newly developed aircraft soon became involved in combat. The pilots of the Luftwaffe not only fought military battles, but were also among the pioneers of aviation history. The Revell kits offer an insight into the technological advances of the time and inform about the worldwide conflict. Three different scales make it possible to display different dioramas. The range includes detailed models of the individual machines in difficulty levels three and four for advanced model builders.

Detallized aircraft models in three different scales

With the different scales, the hobbyist is given a whole range of possible presentation levels. On the one hand, the focus can be set on the respective aircraft model. The scales 1:28 and 1:48 are best suited for this. The impressive level of detail offers a faithful reproduction of the real model and even shows the rope tensions up to the typical equipment of the pilot. With the 1:72 scale, entire flying squadrons can be brought onto the terrain. Therefore, this size is particularly suitable for the staging of larger battlefields or airfields. To show flying machines, transparent support struts can be attached to the models. These can be elegantly connected to each other and brought into formation by means of additional struts. Some hobbyists also attach LEDs to their miniatures to underline muzzle flashes or smoke clouds. Even in this size, Revell's model kits still feature a remarkable level of detail that leaves nothing to be desired in the construction of large-scale dioramas.

The most famous aircraft from the time of the First World War

Manfred von Richthofen is considered the greatest flying ace of the First World War. With 80 confirmed air victories, he achieved fame not only among the ranks of the German army, but also among his enemies among the Entente troops. As he was mostly in a red painted machine during his air missions and finally in the legendary Fokker Dr. 1, the military on both sides soon called him the Red Baron. The Dr. 1 is thus iconic for the air battle in the First World War. Revell offers the kit twice - in scale 1:72 and in scale 1:28, whereby also the infamous pilot gets a lot of attention. The Sopwith Camel is the opposite. It is the most successful fighter aircraft of the Royal Air Force in the First World War and available in scale 1:48 and 1:72. Last but not least, this aircraft was flown by Arthur Roy Brown, the alleged conqueror of Richthofen.

Painting and assembly

Revell's Contacta Professional is the perfect tool for professionally assembling the miniature versions of World War I aircraft. Since many aircraft still had unusual colour schemes during the First World War, there are no limits to the imagination. With Revell's range of colours, various patterns can be applied. For military symbols, most kits also have practical decals. Meanwhile, Revell tool kits allow accident-free machining of individual parts.