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Starter Class set

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Paint yourself with the airbrush! It's possible with the Revell Airbrush Set

Beginner Set to paint yourself with the airbrush: Revell offers an airbrush starter set suitable for all those who want to paint themselves with an airbrush. Large model surfaces are very difficult to paint with an airbrush. It's easier with a spray gun. The new spray gun in the basic class, with its improved design, is the ideal introduction to the airbrush technique. The paint container can now be separated from the handle by an Easy Click system, which makes handling the gun much easier. In addition, the new ergonomic design makes airbrushing particularly easy. In addition to the basic equipment for the start of painting, this set also contains the materials and instructions for the perfect mixing of the very popular Aqua Color paints for airbrushing. As these acrylic paints are low-odour and water-thinnable, the first attempts with a spray gun are particularly easy. The spray gun can be easily cleaned with water after use. If you want to perfect your modeling results and are looking for an inexpensive introduction to the painting technique, this set is for you.

Included in the set:

  • Starter-Class Spray Gun
  • Propellant gas regulator
  • Air hose
  • Jumbo pressurized gas canister
  • 2 x 18 ml Aqua Color
  • 2 mixing glasses
  • Aqua Color Clean, 25 ml
  • Aqua Color Mix, 25 ml
  • 2 pipettes
  • Instructions for use

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