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Scale: 1:72

Product number: 06718
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Scale: 1:241

Product number: 03600
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Scale: 1:112

Product number: 03601
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Scale: 1:121

Product number: 03602
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Scale: 1:52

Product number: 03604
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Scale: 1:110

Product number: 03605
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Scale: 1:12300

Product number: 03609
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Scale: 1:88

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Scale: 1:57 & 1:65

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Scale: 1:57

Product number: 06779

Revell Star Wars - Episode IV-VI: Space saga to rebuild

With Revell Star Wars - Episode IV-VI models, old and new fans of the original trilogy can remember their favorite moments once again. Entire generations of movie fans feverishly followed as the rebellion and empire fought bitter space battles. Revell offers model kits of the most famous spaceships used by the galaxy's heroes and villains to experience their space adventures. The large selection of detailed replicas will make the fan heart of any Star Wars fan beat faster.

The Alliance and the Light Side of Power

The two most famous spaceships on the Alliance side are of course included in Revell's Star Wars - Episode IV-VI assortment. One is the X-Wing Fighter model kit. The X-Wing Fighter, which got its name from the wings forming to an X, is the preferred space fighter of Luke Skywalker. Equipped with four laser cannons and proton torpedoes, this little fighter exploded the Empire's mighty Death Star in Episode IV. And then there's the legendary Millennium Falcon by Han Solo. Often ridiculed at first glance, the Corellian transport ship is one of the fastest space ships in the galaxy. With the help of this ship, Han Solo, Luke and Leia escaped numerous dangers in all three episodes of the original trilogy. The model captivates by its great attention to detail. The undercarriage can be optionally retracted or extended. A display stand ensures that the Millennium Falcon can be perfectly staged.

The Empire and the Dark Side of Power

But Revell also has a selection of detailed models for friends of the Empire and the dark side of power. The model of the Imperial Star Destroyer is the backbone of the Imperial fleet. Who doesn't remember the very first scene from Star Wars Episode IV, in which the Imperial Star Destroyer is slowly flown into the picture step by step. Now you can rebuild this mighty star destroyer with command bridge and detailed engines and put yourself on the shelf at home. Another eye-catcher of the imperial forces must not be missing: the AT-AT. The Empire's big four-legged ruff is probably the most eye-catching vehicle of the first Star Wars trilogy. Equipped with two heavy laser cannons at the chin, four more blowers and a double gun at the stern, the AT-AT is one of the most powerful firepower weapons on land. The imperial runner, which was used for the attack on the rebel base in Episode V, can now be assembled with the completely painted plug-in kit.

For fans of Star Wars a must have

The model series Revell Star Wars - Episode IV-VI with its great selection of combat and transport ships is an absolute must for true fans of power. The detail-loving and true-to-scale replicas convince by their usual high processing quality. The assembly, painting, collecting and exhibiting of the models reminds once again of the most remarkable scenes of the space adventure.