Band Merchandise
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Band merchandise - the impressive trucks of legendary rock and metal bands

Band merchandise is a popular collector's item for music-loving fans. With the true-to-the-original Revell Band Trucks, which transport all the concert equipment for the musicians around the world, fans get a little closer to their stars. Bands like Kiss, Rammstein, ACDC, Motörhead and Queen have made history in the fields of metal, industrial and rock. They have shaped music and filled entire stadiums - the concerts of these bands are legendary. The Revell Merchandise Band Trucks celebrate these famous musicians and at the same time are a tribute to the already deceased singers Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead).

Revell Tour Trucks: Rock bands like it loud, weird and wacky

Kiss have shaped a whole new style of music with their flashy and dramatic outfits. The band around Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley wanted to shock - and they succeeded. The band was formed in the early 1970s and was thus far ahead of its time. The sounds became heavier overall in the 1970s and 1980s, the music louder and the look "more dangerous". Metallic guitar riffs were the order of the day - and they still are today. Kiss initiated metal - many bands followed them. ACDC, for example, with guitarist Angus Young in a school outfit and quirky lyrics about living life to the full, quickly made a name for themselves. After the death of the first singer Bon Scott, Brian Johnson took over the role of lead singer. With "Highway to Hell", "T.N.T" and "Hells Bells" the musicians still rock the stadiums of this world today. Motörhead with frontman Lemmy Kilmister preferred it even a gear harder and louder. With "Ace of Spades" Motörhead have set themselves a monument. These bands are the pioneers of the metal scene, and they are as relevant today as they were in some cases more than 40 years ago.

Queen took rock music in a new direction

Queen with charismatic singer Freddie Mercury, on the other hand, stood for modern, melodic rock with sophisticated and socially critical lyrics. With his unmistakable voice, Freddie Mercury immortalised himself in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Songs like Radio Gaga and Bohemian Rhapsody have gone down in music history and will always remain unforgotten. With the band merchandise trucks from Revell, fans can bring a piece of music history home.

Rammstein makes industrial socially acceptable

One of the most legendary and impressive bands is undoubtedly Rammstein. With them, the stage becomes a sea of flames. The musicians around singer Till Lindemann stand for hard sounds to provocative lyrics: Rammstein are considered pioneers for the typical industrial sound. The original Rammstein Tour Truck by Revell will be seen on the motorways again for the next Rammstein tour.

Getting up close and personal with the stars with band merchandise trucks

The idea of riding in one of the band trucks, supporting your favourite musicians as a roadie during stage set-up and then experiencing a concert that leaves a lasting impression and writes memories is certainly a grandiose idea for every fan. The Revell Tour Trucks bring a bit of reality to the fantasy. These model kits bring the world of hard and rocking sounds to life.