Leonardo da Vinci
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Scale: 1:100

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Leonardo da Vinci

Experience the ingenious inventions of Leonardo da Vinci directly with Revell!

Teenagers and adults love the impressive model kits from Revell. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, probably the greatest universal genius in history, Revell honours him with an impressive selection of kits of his greatest inventions. Leonardo da Vinci died on 2 May 1519, but his ingenious inventions, true masterpieces of engineering, continue to inspire mankind today and are often the basis for the emergence of numerous new, groundbreaking ideas. In order to follow the creative process of the great master, Revell now offers a Limited Edition of his greatest inventions.

Revell is now giving interested model builders the opportunity to rebuild the masterpieces of the Leonardo da Vinci themselves. With fascinating model kits that are almost perfect and true to scale to the models of the genius, Revell makes the hearts of enthusiastic model makers beat faster. Small and large designers enter the special world of technology and science of the great Leonardo da Vinci with the elaborate models and can directly comprehend his special talents.

On the trail of the universal genius with Revell

The special feature of the Leonardo da Vinci series from Revell is that the individual segments are made of high-quality wood. Some of the elaborate models are even movable. Large and small model makers can thus follow in the footsteps of the genius Leonardo da Vinci and come very close to his inspiring ideas. For example with the "glider", which has a wingspan of 410 mm. The Revell flying machine was designed on the basis of drawings made by da Vinci around 1490. These are exhibited today in a museum of Leonardo's inventions in Milan. The finely detailed Revell glider, a solid wooden Lasercut construction, measures 14 x 41 x 10 cm and - for optimum control - can be moved in the outer wing area. Another highlight of the Revell model series by Leonardo da Vinci is the world-famous Vitruvian man, which is manufactured in scale 1:8. This set belongs, just like the other Leonardo da Vinci models, to the Limited Edition of Revell.

The Giant Crossbow of Leonardo da Vinci

The giant crossbow is one of the most famous war machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci at that time. He had a soft spot for guns and war machines. His great passion was therefore the design of this object. For more flexibility and stability, the large arch is composed of several sections. The Revell model is shown on a scale of 1:100, 247 mm wide and 275 mm long. Another legendary invention is the Leonardo da Vinci propeller. He made the world's first idea of a propeller between 1480 and 1490. Even modern helicopters are partly built according to this principle. In the Revell kit, the propeller is movable with its well thought-out mechanism and thus becomes another eye-catcher in the youth or living room, on the shelf or in the elegant glass cabinet.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking time

If you want to find out more about one of the greatest geniuses of all time, Revell's grandiose model kits offer a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether as a model building item or as an exquisite collector's item, it is a real pleasure to recreate the pioneering ideas of the Renaissance genius in the knowledge that Leonardo da Vinci changed the world from scratch.

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