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Scale: 1:20

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Revell Junior Kit Super Wings: Fun for young model makers and explorers

Model building is a fantastic hobby for all age groups. The Revell Super Wings models are the ideal introduction for young hobbyists. The popular Super Wings figures are easy to assemble using a plug-in system and simple screws, making them suitable for young hobbyists aged four and over: Bright colours, child-friendly components and a simple screw system offer uncomplicated assembly that will inspire small model builders. Together, young and old can bring the great models to life. After the handicrafts the time has come: The Super Wings figures are ready for their first use. Their robust construction is ideal for playing and romping around. Since the Super Wings models are not glued, they are easy to disassemble. If you like, you can reassemble your colourful playmates as often as you like. Another advantage: the children can share the fun of building models. After disassembling, friends or siblings can try their hand at the colourful models.

Discover the world with Revell's Super Wings models

The heroes of the animation series Super Wings are popular all over the world. The cheerful airplanes lead exciting adventures around the world. In each episode, young and old viewers learn something new about other countries and cultures. With the model kits of the Revell series you can reenact the episodes - or invent your own adventures. Super Wings Jett is a must in this model series. The fiery red aviator with the blue eyes is the protagonist of the series. Its name betrays it: it is a small jet airplane by nature. He loves to bring parcels to children and help them with problems. Among his friends is Super Wings Donnie, a bright yellow Canadair plane. Donnie is clever and invents useful things. Of course, he is always ready to help Jett with his talents.

Revell model building for children: creative and instructive

The kits for Super Wings Jett and his friends are specially designed for the abilities of younger children. The size of the individual parts is ideal for small hands. The popular animation figures are created in a short time by plugging them together. Sturdy plastic screws hold the components together securely. An illustrated manual helps with the correct assembly. Eyes and decoration consist of stickers. Like the characters of the animation series, the Super Wings figures from Revell can also change. The small airplanes become robots with movable arms and legs. So there are no limits to the imagination when playing. Jett and his friends embark on a journey around the world and have exciting adventures.

Handicrafts, games, experiments: the entertaining world of Revell Junior Kit

The original characters of Super Wings fit perfectly to the series concept of Revell Junior Kit. The model building series promotes curiosity, technical understanding and motor skills among young model building fans. For the important sense of achievement, this series dispenses with overstraining steps that require too much attention to detail. Thanks to the uncomplicated screw technology, no glue is required for assembly. All parts are firmly screwed together using the screwdriver supplied. Junior Kit models are not intended for display cases. They are sturdily constructed from durable plastic parts. This means they can withstand the exciting use in children's rooms or gardens. With the figures and vehicles from the other Junior Kit series, children can invent new experiences of the little Super Wings themselves - a creative challenge for the young fans.