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Scale: 1:20

Product number: 00860
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Scale: 1:20

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Revell Junior Kit Disney® Cars: high fun factor for the smallest Pixar fans

Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Sally & Co. - who doesn't know them, the cool racing cars from the Disney film factory. Revell is now bringing the spirited speedsters into the children's rooms. The model series from the innovative Revell Junior Kit series enables children from the age of 4 to assemble their own vehicles and then drive exciting races.

Disney Cars - the heroes of our children

From the mid-2000s Disney Cars conquered the cinema world. Lightning McQueen is the undisputed star who travels with his friends to win big races. Together they experience breathtaking adventures and master the greatest challenges. The characters speak, dream, love and fight like humans. They win and lose, have fun and make us laugh. No wonder that not only our kids, but also many adults have taken the loveable racing cars to their hearts. Now Revell Disney Cars are coming into the children's rooms, so little model builders can make up more fantastic stories about the cool racing cars.

Revell Junior Kit - Model building for beginners

For bright kids, it makes a difference whether they get the toy ready to go or whether they can put it together with their own hands. After all, it is a special experience for every child to be able to solve a task successfully. The usual adhesive model kits are usually not suitable - on the contrary, they only create frustration. Revell has developed an innovative solution to this problem. The Junior Kit system allows children as young as 4 years to assemble great models on their own.

Intelligent screw system for smart young engineers

Model making without glue - the Revell Junior Kit system makes it possible. The little master builders can assemble the individual parts with the supplied screwdriver without much effort. It is simply exciting for children to bring the cool Disney Cars to life with the help of an easy-to-understand, colourful manual. Then they can proudly present the result to their parents. They playfully learn stamina and train their motor skills. The racing cars are not only extremely robust, they can also be dismantled very easily. So the little sibling can also prove his skills later.

Disney Cars: all models at a glance

The Revell Disney Cars model series has many characters from the popular film series on offer. The main attraction is of course the brave daredevil Lightning McQueen. Whether classically red or in the radiant blue special edition Fabulous - equipped with great sound and light effects, real racing atmosphere is guaranteed. Colourful stickers and batteries are of course included. As an added bonus, the kits have up to four interchangeable parts for the different facial expressions. This makes playing even more fun.

Lightning's toughest opponent is the cool Jackson Storm - a lowered, tuned sports car that is bursting with horsepower. Of course, the lively Cruz Ramirez is also a must. Lightning's motivated training partner from the Dinoco racing team completes the Revell Junior Kit range. Assemble and play - Revell Disney Cars deliver exciting races and inspire our smallest model builders.