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The world of Halo in the Revell model shop

For computer game fans, there is nothing better than being able to immerse themselves fully in the world of their heroes. The Halo series was founded in 2001 and has developed into one of the most popular first-person shooter game series ever. The reason for this is not only the groundbreaking graphics, but also the impressive background story, which has even been written in several books. In numerous stories, players and fans of the series learn more about the world of Halo. That's why many people can't wait for a new product or sequel to the game to be released. For Revell, the next logical step was to dedicate a series to this game icon. Now fans from all over the world can also admire the fascinating creations of the game makers in the real world. Thanks to the high attention to detail of the models, fans can't avoid spontaneously thinking up their own missions or replaying their favourite scenes in their minds.

Fun to assemble and play

Thanks to Revell's many years of experience in model development, the Halo series has also been able to incorporate new innovations. Models such as the UNSC Pelican have been designed so that experienced hobbyists can enjoy them and newcomers to the world of model making can quickly find their way around. The reason for this is that no additional materials are needed for models like the UNSC-Pelican. As soon as you hold the beautifully designed Revell box in your hands, the handicrafts can begin. The individual parts are already pre-painted in the perfectly reproduced colours, so that the models resemble their models from the Halo games down to the last detail. The UNSC Pelican has a scale of 1:100 and consists of 50 individual robust parts. These can be assembled without glue and hold together thanks to Revell's patented Snap-Tite technology. Another nice detail of the UNSC Pelican model is the movable wings. These contribute to the fact that the lightly armoured landing ship can authentically imitate the actions from the plays. Of course the machine guns and rocket guns are not missing either, which make the Pelican such a feared ship. A special detail of this model are the two included crew members. Beside a Spartan Linda figure, of course, a figure of a Master Chief must not be missing. The UNSC-Pelican can be completed with the UNSC Warthog. This armed military jeep with its three-man crew is also particularly popular in the game.

Realistic effects and moving parts

The models from the Halo series are not only suitable for admiring in the showcase, but also for playing. A special feature of the UNSC Warthog and the UNSC Pelican are the integrated light and sound effects. These ensure that game scenes look even more lively. The required batteries are included so that hobbyists can get started right away. So you can bring your heroes to life after a short time.

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