Harry Potter Hogwarts™ Great Hall

Product number: 00300

Age: 8+

Number of parts: 187

Length: 532 mm

Width: 464 mm

Height: 397 mm

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Become a wizard's apprentice with the Hogwarts™ Great Hall 3D Puzzle

Aparecium - with this "visibility spell" Harry Potter brings to light what lies hidden. He learned this and all the other spells at Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And now you can also gradually make them visible! Without any magic - simply assemble the 187 pieces to create a faithful model of Hogwarts™ Great Hall.

Children in the 8+ age group will find it easy to assemble. Each individual part is labelled with a number and the instruction manual shows step by step what goes where.

After approx 240 minutes of super puzzle fun, the amazingly "real" 3D puzzle Hogwarts™ Great Hall with realistic colours stands before you, and you can proudly call yourself "Puzzle Sorcerer's Apprentice".

You want to recreate the whole Hogwarts™ castle as a 3D puzzle and feel like Harry, Hermione or Ron? Then why not combine the Great Hall with the Astronomy Tower and you're all set for a career as a wizard!

The 3D Puzzle Hogwarts™ Great Hall is ready to assemble

  • 53.2 cm long
  • 46.4 cm wide
  • 39.7 cm high

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