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Coloured variety for Revell model building

The wide world of colours and adhesives for model making at Revell is extremely diverse and multifaceted. Their qualitative value is remarkable and also has an effect on the longevity of the models that can be realized, for example, in the field of plastic model making. The plastic modelling colours range from black, red and blue to yellow, green and grey to orange, violet, silver and gold. Revell offers the right model building colours for every project. Whether Enamel Color, Aqua Color or Spray Color - there are no limits to creativity with the model building colours. The plastic model building colours can be used, for example, for civil aircraft, for the models of the US Navy, but also for landing gear shafts and many other areas. Which colours are the right ones is easy to find in the detailed building instructions.

Model building colours and more

Revell Color, a durable synthetic resin enamel lacquer, is preferably used for the surface treatment of plastic models. The special material composition does not corrode the plastics, but ensures that the high-quality appearance remains for many years. Of course, the plastic model building colours can also be used to paint numerous other materials. All colours can be combined with each other. The Revell signal colour is an exception to this rule. If desired, it is possible to dilute the model construction colours with the Color Mix in order to achieve even more specific colour results. The paint can be applied with a brush or spray gun.

Aqua Color - all colour wishes can become reality

Whether matt or glossy, colourless, black, white or anthracite: the Revell colours from the Aqua Color series leave plenty of room for design possibilities in plastic model making. Aqua Color colours are also ideal for painting accessories in model making. There are no less than 88 colours available. The special feature of this colour system is that the colours can be mixed or diluted with water as desired. The odourless, non-flammable properties should also be emphasised. Solvents are also not included. If desired, the colours can be combined as desired. It only takes two to three hours until they are dry. The layers can be painted over after about 60 minutes. Compared to enamel colour inks, the drying process is far more complete. The paint is also suitable for the implementation of airbrush creations.

Spray paints - highlights in model making from Revell

Spray paints have always been indispensable in Revell model making. They dry extremely quickly and are characterised by their high opacity. In addition, they "shine" through a remarkable scratch resistance. This property makes the acrylic spray paints indispensable for plastic model making as well as for numerous other areas. Tip: It is particularly effective to use it to paint the polycarbonate bodies of RC cars. All in all, this product range from the model shop is recommended for painting plastic, wood, metal, ceramics and polycarbonate.

In addition to first-class model building colours of all kinds, the discerning model builder and Revell fan will also find the right model building accessories in the model building shop. A perfect addition is the practical model building glue, for example the product Contacta Liquid or Contacta Liquid Special. Contacta Glue and Contacta Professional Glue complete the range of model building adhesives.