Collector models

Strictly limited: nostalgic collector models in premium quality

Model building lovers with a penchant for traditional and retro charm will find attractive miniatures in the collector's models from Revell Metal. The high quality Isetta vehicles combine an authentic design and exciting functions to an all-round convincing whole.

What distinguishes the Revell Metal "Handmade in Europe" models

The collector models of the Revell Metal "Handmade in Europe" series are strictly limited premium miniatures. The models are made of die-cast zinc and are elaborately painted and polished. They are handcrafted with care and attention to detail in a European Die Cast manufactory. All models in the collection are available exclusively in the Revell Shop and are truly unique: each of the 500 pieces is individually numbered and comes with a certificate. These peculiarities make the collector models particularly popular.

Short portrait: the BMW Isetta - testimony of the economic miracle

The Iso Isetta is a so-called scooter car - i.e. a small car dating from the first years after the Second World War. Iso Rivolta developed the vehicle in the 1950s and produced it in Italy from 1953. 1955 the production was already stopped again.

From 1954 to the 1960s, various companies continued to build the Isetta. The BMW Isetta, now available as a model in the Revell Modellbau Shop, became the most successful and best-known model.

The original BMW Isetta 250 has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a displacement of 250 cubic centimetres. It's throttled down to a minimalist twelve horsepower. This unique vehicle in the best sense of the word has another special feature: When the front door of the Isetta is opened, the steering column swivels via a universal joint.

There are not many Isettes left now. The few surviving scooter mobiles are sought-after collector's items that are traded at high prices. Also the miniatures in the Revell Shop function as rarities, so even this property is based on the original.

BMW Isetta 250 - in miniature format close to the original

Thanks to Revell Modellbau, retro enthusiasts have the opportunity to secure one of the typical "children" of the German economic miracle on a scale of 1:18. This miniature format is even more suitable - if you consider that the original Isetta is a small car.

The BMW Isetta is also known as a "hugging ball".

The Revell webshop offers the noble miniature models of the BMW Isetta 250 in two different colours: Light blue and yellow-white. The new edition of the first Isetta includes a limited number of handcrafted copies.

The zinc die-cast makes the Mini-Isettes look and feel heavy - which means that the vehicles lie comfortably in the hand. The manufactured products precisely reflect the special characteristics of the original. This allows the front door to be moved - and the steering column swivels as you open it. In addition, the models have a removable engine cover, various chrome parts and a case for the rear carrier.

Collector's models for your own showcase or as special gifts

The miniature models of the BMW Isetta 250 are a real highlight for model building enthusiasts who specialise in collecting cars or vehicles in general. Whether in the glass showcase or on the open shelf - the collector's models achieve an enchanting nostalgic flair.