Airbrush in model making

An airbrush gun saves a lot of time when painting miniatures in plastic model making. At the same time, it is so uncomplicated to handle that even with little practice, professional results can be achieved. Smooth transitions, camouflage patterns and accentuations are quickly achieved; extensive areas ready for weathering after just a few minutes. Larger quantities of figures, vehicles and buildings can be completed in a short time and motivate new Revell model building projects.

How does the airbrush process work?

An airbrush gun uses compressed air to spray fine layers of paint onto the surface to be painted. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes and is available in different sizes. In plastic model making, an airbrush gun is usually understood to be a handy variant that is connected to a compressor via a hose. This supplies the spray gun with compressed air. On the filler-like construction of the spray gun, the Spray Gun master class (Prof.) has a detachable pot which holds the paint to be sprayed. By operating a thumb-sized mechanical lever, the paint is fed from the pot to the compressed air and sprayed through the spray gun onto the corresponding surface.

With the Spray Gun Master Class (Vario), the paint pot is located below the spray gun. When working with an airbrush gun, the hobbyist benefits from the fine and even application of paint, which makes smooth transitions possible in just a few steps.

Cheaper alternatives do not require a compressor or use compressed air bottles. These are particularly suitable if there is a need for a quick priming coat, but the fine work is to continue with the brush. The Standard Class spray gun is suitable for ambitious beginners.

Airbrush complete sets for beginners

If you have no experience with an airbrush yet, the starter sets from the Revell model shop are a suitable introduction. Here the hobbyist gets all the necessary utensils to start spraying directly. The basic set with compressor lives up to its name. It has paints, a high-quality spray gun and a small compressor. With a little practice, the capacities can be significantly increased by a larger compressor.

Airbrush compressor with large tanks

A high-quality compressor makes painting with an airbrush much easier. The stronger performance prevents drying paint residues. Furthermore, longer interruptions are avoided. The compressor Standard Class has a large tank and can supply the entire painting process with sufficient compressed air. It is not necessary to take tank filling breaks. Meanwhile, the output remains uniform and thus enables precise results in which nothing is left to chance.

Airbrush cleaning: done in the twinkling of an eye thanks to practical accessories

The airbrush gun must be cleaned after each use. To make this uncomplicated and effortless, the necessary accessories can be ordered at the Revell Model Shop: The cleaner Airbrush Email Clean removes even stubborn paint residues. And with the practical cleaning set the post-processing part is done in the twinkling of an eye. This leaves more time to devote to the next project.