Revell MyArts

Painting, crafting, sculpturing, styling – boys and girls can discover all sorts of creative fun in Revell MyArts!

For example, how does a self-made (real!) watch with a trendy Paracord wristband sound? Or have you ever “painted” with sand? And with the cool metallic tattoos or the crazy “Twisteez” hair spirals, you girls can have all sorts of styling fun! Get started!

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# 30722

Make your Watch

Pink Style

Craft set to make a watch, key chain and bracelet from cool paracord material (= parachute cord). The illustrated instruction shows step by step how it works. Available in 3 different design.
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# 30720

Paracord Style

Cool bracelets and key rings made of parachute cord. You can create stylish accessories from these colorful cords. The cord is extremely robust and is also used by mountain climbers. The set includes everything you need for 7 bracelets and 3 key chains.
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# 30740


Paint, shake, finished! Pictures from colourful sand are created with the Sandshaker. Very easy and above all very clean: select sand colour, open the matching container by turning and shake! The colourful sand sticks at the adhesive areas of the pictures.
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# 30838


The hair decoration with the cool twist! Simply separate a strand of hair and twist the soft spiral into the hair. It can be repeatedly used for many creative hairstyle ideas! Now also available with sweet charms!
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# 30520

Metallic Tattoo


Tattoos with metallic effects! These tattoos not only shine in gold and silver, but in many shades. These tattoos can be worn as an alternative to real jewellery, for example as a bracelet, ring or necklace.
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# 30502

Glitter Tattoos

For glittering accents on the skin! Choose a tattoo motif, apply the adhesive layer to the skin, and paint the tattoo with the fine glitter powder. With 65 transfer motifs, there is something for everyone! Water-resistant and lasts for 2-3 days.
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# 30501

Animal Key Rings

With this super-soft modelling clay, even small children"s hands can create cute animals. Illustrated step-by-step instructions show exactly how owl and snail are made. Air-drying material.
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# 30703

Metal Foil Pictures

Four self-adhesive motifs for designing with colourful metal foils. Remove the protective paper from the motif and rub the metal foil onto the self-adhesive area. 18 sheets of metal foil in 6 different colours guarantee lots of glittering effects.
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